main street rural town

Regional, Rural & Remote Aussies don’t deserve depredation!

Why should those who live in Australia’s vast regional, rural and remote areas be deprived of anything city Aussies enjoy? […]

Leverage your membership to stop violence against women

Suggest Solutions While you are talking to the Minister and making major submissions, your members can be feeding snippets of […]

Peak bodies Turbocharging democracy!!

As in many things, there is a change in Aussie democracy. Traditionally the government ran the show and peak bodies […]

the winning borrower

“The Winning Borrower” discussing bank debt issues

“The Winning Borrower” discusses bank debt issues. “I was phoned one day by an IT executive, just after I had […]


MPs are not serving either immigrants or Australians

Immigrants & Aussie have similar needs Politicians cannot bring in hundreds of thousands of  migrants into Australia and not understand […]

Government is controlled by lobbyists. Voters miss out if they do not lobby!

Australia moves out of a challenging 2023 into a 2024 already plagued by problems that will only be resolved by […]

Trouble with Transmission lines

Farm profits disappear Farm profits can disappear fast when government utility construction staff enter a property. A farm loan can […]

Anti-Protest laws outlawed! It is dangerous when politicians can stop people from protesting. First step towards totalitarian rule. That‘s how […]

The current regional road funding formula falls short

The current regional road funding formula adds pressure to small business finances. Business profitability can be affected by poor infrastructure. […]

Protected by Parliament – Bankers or Borrowers

Will Parliament protect borrowers ripped off by bankers? Banks knew interest rates would rise. Borrowers did not. Thousands stand to […]