For Justice and good government
For Justice and good government

If you are a voter it is easy to influence governments

Bureaucrats can say “No!” very easily. Elected politicians can say “Yes!” just as easily. It is better to have politicians say “Yes” before the bureaucrats say "No!"

Three major factors affect political decisions –votes, money and logic. In that order.
In depth submissions and personal meetings provide factual logic.
Money from donors is used to buy votes.
Votes beat money and logic everytime.
Community Members own the votes in federal and state elections.

Individuals, families and communities

Voterlobby provides enormous power to each individual Australian through unique leveraging techniques. Hundreds of people who were refused service by government staff have had it happily provided after they sought assistance from Voterlobby. Voterlobby can do more for them than most people ever imagine.

The power of political persuasion makes life more liveable.

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